Please select one or more topics when scheduling a call.

Pre-Qualification Consultation

We will discuss how to get pre-qualified, what is required, and what data you will receive when the pre-qualification is complete.

(30 minutes)

Loan In Process

Book time to discuss a loan in process, next steps, questions on paperwork requirements, questions on loan disclosures, settlement date, or anything else related to a loan in process.

(30 minutes)

Interest Rate Quote

This will be a phone call to discuss current interest rate quotes and details like purchase price, loan amount, lock-in period, property type, credit score, and other various details that will affect your interest rate quote.

(30 minutes)

Loan Application

We will discuss how to apply for a loan on my website, what supporting documentation is required, what the timeline is, and what all of the steps are from start to finish.

(30 minutes)

Various Mortgage Questions

This will be a discussion to answer any of your various mortgage questions related to credit, income, debt ratios, turn times, loan options, mortgage insurance and anything else.

(30 minutes)


This will be a phone call to discuss something other than the options listed.

(30 minutes)
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